Jose Cherian

Brother Jose Cherian has been with the Fellowship of Indian Brethren Assemblies (FIBA) since its start in 2004 and has been a valuable member of its committee ever since. He pursued the Lord with his heart for music and glorifying the Lord through it. FIBA Conferences have been blessed throughout the years with his eagerness to lead in singing & playing instruments. He was well-respected, thoroughly loved, and appreciated by all.

FIBA is indebted to brother Jose Cherian for his years of service and leadership. Every year without fail, he would close the FIBA Conference out on Sunday morning with his father’s song, “Puthanaam-Yerusalemil-ethum kaalam orkkumbol”. Here’s the video for last time he sung his favorite song at FIBA 2019: പുത്തനാമെരൂശലേമിലെത്തും കാലമോർക്കുമ്പോൾ.

This song translates to:

“When I remember the day that we will reach the New Jerusalem.
The sadness of this world vanishes.
In the land where there will be no sufferings.
I will be in the happiest home that the Lord has prepared….
by wearing the glorious crown.”

This song, on Sunday morning, at every FIBA Conference farewell, are some of the most cherished memories for many of us.

We mourn with you all in the loss of a voice, a steward of the faith, a brother to many, and a friend to all. But we rejoice in knowing that our beloved brother is with the Lord after all his years of devotion and service.

FIBA and its members extend their heartfelt condolences to the family members and to Immanuel Bible Chapel. Please uphold the family in prayer and may the Lord grant them heavenly comfort, peace, and strength.

Funeral details to be announced.

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